We are Hurricanefabric.com dealers in Baja California Sur México since 2007. Our hurricane protection systems allows our customers home, business and other interest, to protect them self´s against the forces of nature, saving their property’s against any severe damage that may occurred during a hurricane.

We have a great variety of customers:
Hotels: After Hurricane Odile hit Baja, many hotels where devastated, after this, protected hotels where able to get up on their feet and start working right away.
Foreign Homeowners: Customers who have a second home here in Baja felt safe because their investment was protected, having very little damage, after the hurricane, with our protection system, allowing them to save a lot of money just repairing their homes.
Local Homeowner: W felt very safe at home during the hurricane, not realizing the strength of it, until the next day. Unlike many people who had to hide in their bathroom for many Hours until the hurricane was over.
Insurance Companies: some hurricane insurance before the hurricane, and now all of them, require their customers to have hurricane protection.
Developments: We are preferred suppliers of most high end developments in Baja, due to the quality of the installation we do in their homes, pricing, lead time, experience, and response to our customers after the hurricane.
Property Managers: We know and work with most property managers in the area, guiding them and helping them to protect their customer’s interest.